About Us

Who we are.

We keep it simple

Fixed Price Legal with no hidden extra fee’s, saving you money on legal fees at quality fully qualified accredited lawyers, No limits, no waiting and no confusion.

Smarter, quality legal

Fixed Price Legal so you can access affordable legal without any compromise on quality. We’re keeping your legal costs down, we partner with quality accredited firms, with no waiting, limits or restriction.

Our purpose

A lot of Australians don’t use a lawyer and opt to do it alone due to the cost. By avoiding using a lawyer this can lead to more serious issues down the track, costing you more. Our aim is to make legal help more accessible to everyone!

Choose the service you want and pay a fixed cost, with no hidden extras

Imagine going to a lawyer where you know exactly what you’ll be paying, from the very start. No hidden fees. No add-ons. No embarrassing bill-shock.

This is why we created Fixed Priced Legal, we have partnered with existing Australian law firms to provide this service. We can provide this service by minimising the cost of administration with the “online only” booking feature.

Our partnering law firms, only practice the very best in modern Legal, using the latest practices. We have chosen to only offer and focus on the services which make up 90% of general legal performed in Australia. This focus means we can offer you quality service that’s affordable, at a fixed price.

We are here to provide you with access to essential quality legal at affordable fixed prices. By focusing on fixed price services and doing them really well, we have made the process more efficient – creating better value for you.